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When was ArcDox Established?​

​​Established in 2009 as the first specialist BIM consultancy practice in Ireland, registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, we have been providing professionally managed services to the construction industry to enable and support the use of BIM, to help achieve productivity gains and better outcomes on a wide range of construction projects. Our services include BIM consultancy advice, production resources, implementation support and training.


What makes ArcDox different?


​We like to think our experience is what sets us apart and that by working with ArcDox, your project team can benefit from our expertise, in implementing and delivering your BIM requirements. We have over 5 years in practice, we have completed over 50 projects and over 500 people have been trained and supported.​​

What do ArcDox do?


​Here at ArcDox, we are focus​​ed on​ Architectural Documentation, and using the latest technologies and processes, to achieve the highest quality building information, to bette​​r communicate and analyse design, and enable the efficient construction and operations of buildings.​​


​What can ArcDox offer?


​The founding partners each have over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, delivering on an extensive range of projects of varying type and scale, and they understand the is​sues and challenges around design, construction and operations of buildings. 


​At ArcDox we have assembled an expert team of highly qualified, and BIM certified professionals, to provide the support that project teams need to successfully implement BIM. When you work with ArcDox, you don’t just get the skill of one individual, but the support of a team with a broad range of expertise.​​

How to get started with BIM?


Contact us​​ to discuss how we can help enable and support your BIM implementation​.​​​

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