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Revit Advanced Management (2 Days) @ €395.00pp


This course is run over a two day period and is intended to cover the BIM Standards that we use as well as setting up your project templates/settings etc. and also some more advanced features of Revit such as Design Options, Phasing and Work-sharing. We use two books BIM Management & Collaboration Tools.

This course covers:

- Introduction to BIM Seminar
- Project Templates
- Customizing Annotation Styles
- Creating Title Blocks
- View Templates
- Settings for Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical & Structural  Projects
- Advanced Schedule Options

- Material Takeoff Schedules
- Creating Object Style
- Creating Fill Patterns
- Creating Materials
- Basic User Interface Customization
- Project Phasing
- Design Phasing
- Working with Groups
- Linking and manage linked files
- Importing Raster Image Files
- Exporting Files
- Exporting for Energy Analysis
- Worksharing and managing workset related projects
- Exam Objectives

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