BIM Strategic Overview (1/2 Day @ Arcdox) @ €175.00pp


This presentation/demonstration should be aimed at project directors and leaders (as well as project staff), to give a common understanding of the importance of BIM, the effect of the process on traditional workflows etc. . This is an essential for everyone involved in the Planning, Design, Construction or Operations of Buildings, who wants a concise Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modelling).

This session covers:

- What BIM is, and how it affects current industry work processes.
- The main drivers and benefits of BIM for the various project stakeholders.
- Examining international trends in BIM, and activities in the Irish industry.
- Reviewing skills and competencies required for companies to be competitive in a global market.
- Practical advice on how to engage in BIM.
- Understanding current and emerging standards and protocols.
- Demonstration of BIM tools for Modelling, Review & Coordination.
- Questions and discussion.

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