BIM Strategic Overview (1/2 Day  In House) @ €480


This presentation/demonstration should be aimed at project directors and leaders (as well as project staff), to give a common understanding of the importance of BIM, the effect of the process on traditional workflows etc. This could be delivered to any number of people that can be accommodated. This is an essential for everyone involved in the Planning, Design, Construction or Operations of Buildings, who wants a concise Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modelling).

This session covers:

- What BIM is, and how it affects current industry work processes.
- The main drivers and benefits of BIM for the various project stakeholders.
- Examining international trends in BIM, and activities in the Irish industry.
- Reviewing skills and competencies required for companies to be competitive in a global market.
- Practical advice on how to engage in BIM.
- Understanding current and emerging standards and protocols.
- Demonstration of BIM tools for Modelling, Review & Coordination.
- Questions and discussion.

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