COBie Essentials (1 Day) @ €275.00pp

(Construction Operations Building Information Exchange)

BIM is rapidly becoming the norm for delivering construction projects through more efficient and cost effective processes. The number of projects with a BIM requirement is growing exponentially and a key deliverable on BIM projects is COBie. COBie is an exchange mechanism for transferring structured information from the design and construction stages of a building project, through handover into building operations.  COBie, a subset of IFC, can be viewed as an excel spreadsheet or as a database. The COBie data can be exported from the BIM and imported into facilities management, property management and asset management tools for use during the operations phase of the building lifecycle. Everyone involved in the design, construction or operations of a building needs to have an understanding of COBie and how the requirement for COBie on your projects influence how you work.

The objectives of the training:

- To provide the background to COBie.
- To explain the objectives of COBie
- Explore the structure and process of COBie

This course covers:

- General overview of COBie
- Problems with current information processes
- Overview of Standards and Documentation
- BS 1192-4:2014, Fulfilling the Employers Information Exchange requirements using COBie
- COBie Information Requirements
- The COBie data structure,
- How and who supplies the data required

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