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Recommended experience level

The user should be comfortable with the fundamentals of the Revit software, as taught in the various ArcDox Revit Essential training programmes. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such creating walls, roofs, and other objects; copying and moving objects; creating and working with views etc.


Revit files are provided.


From browser-based interactive presentations to human-scale VR experiences, real-time rendering enables you to communicate every nuance of a project, letting stakeholders really immerse themselves in your designs.
Want to try real-time? Twinmotion can import your data in a matter of minutes, with no detail loss or headscratchers around where something went. Once
linked, you can continue to refine in your favorite CAD or BIM software before sending those changes to Twinmotion with a single click. Virtual tours, VR walkthroughs—with Twinmotion, you can export 360° panoramas that give viewers the full perspective. And with Panorama Sets, you can link together multiple panoramas into an experience that tells a story from start to finish.





This course will give you the basics of utilising Twinmotion for your Revit projects. The course will cover the interface and the basic tools and also cover how to prepare your Revit file and its geometry to import into Twinmotion, and sync between the two programs.
The student will learn about adding materials and adding functions like adding landscaping and entourage and how to manipulate seasons as well as use some of the other weather tools.
The course will finally cover how to output into a variety of formats, including images, animations, and a shareable presentations for reviewing with colleagues.

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