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“In-Company” BIM Training 


One of the most effective ways to delivery BIM training to an organisation, is in short ½-day or 1-day sessions, that avoid information overload, and which are focused on specific skills required for the immediate or upcoming tasks at hand.


Designed and delivered by ArcDox, this “In-Company” programme provides training for up to 10 people per sessions from your company, or from your project team, to support a BIM Implementation Programme. It does not have to be the same 10 persons attending each session.


The training can be provided as ½-day or full-day modules over a number of weeks, to suit the company’s specific needs or time schedule. There are over 30 modules to choose from, to structure a programme that suits your business (see below).


· Trainer’s Time (fixed rate of €360 per ½-day module irrespective of number of people attending).

· Training material (based on number of training books you want to keep. €70 per hard copy, €35 per digital copy).

· Travel & accommodation (if outside of Dublin region)


* Cost Note:

· The client company provides a suitable space for delivering the training, and any hardware or software required by those attending the software training sessions.

· Alternatively, the training can be delivered in groups of 6 persons at the ArcDox training centre in Sandyford, Dublin for an additional charge of €125 per ½-day module.


Select any of the modules from the following list to make up your training programme:

ArcDox can assist you select the best training modules for your organisation. Some of the more advanced modules assume prior knowledge or completion of basic modules beforehand. Individual modules can be run more than once


Foundation Modules:

· ½-day Strategic Overview of BIM

· ½-day BIM Project Management & Working to BIM Standards (PAS1192)

· ½-day Using Free BIM Reviewing Tools (Design Review & Autodesk 360)

· ½-day Introduction to Autodesk Revit as a BIM Authoring Tool (all disciplines)


For Architecture:

· ½-day Revit Essential Building Systems (Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs)

· ½-day Revit Essential Building Systems (Curtain Wall Systems, Sloped Glazing)

· ½-day Conceptual Design Workflows in Revit (Formit 360, Conceptual Mass Building Maker Tools, Quick Layouts, Design Options, Site Typography)

· ½-day Revit Architecture, Essentials Component Families (Doors, Windows, Furniture, Basic family editing etc.)

· ½-day Revit Architecture, Advanced Component Families,


For Building Services Engineering:

· ½-day Revit MEP Essentials Building Systems (Building Elements, Equipment, Fittings)

· ½-day Revit MEP Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Revit Systems

· ½-day Revit MEP Advanced Revit Component Families


For Structural Engineering:

· ½-day Revit Structures Essentials Building Systems (Walls, Slabs, Roofs)

· ½-day Revit Structures Essential System Families (Foundation, Beams, Trusses etc)

· ½-day Revit Structures Advanced Component Families


All Disciplines:

· ½–day Revit Stairs, Ramps & Railings

· ½-day Revit Formatting Schedules, Area Plans & Colour Fill Plans

· ½-day Revit Project Set-up/Management (Template, Worksets, Shared Coordinates, Linking files, Copy/monitor, Interference Check, Phasing, Design Options)

· ½-day Revit approach to Detailing 

· ½-day Revit Formatting Drawings (Materials, Objects Styles, Visibility Graphics, View Templates, tags/Shared parameters, etc.)

· ½-day Revit Outputs (revisions, printing, exporting/importing, data connections, workflows with BS1192 CDE, etc.

· ½-day Preparing Revit model for COBie output.


BIM Coordination:

· ½-day Understanding Navisworks, Interface Review & Redline

· ½-day Understanding Navisworks, Selection Sets, Clash Detection

· ½-day Understanding Navisworks, TimeLiner

· ½-day Understanding Navisworks, Quantity Take-off

· ½-day Understanding Naviswork Animation & Presentation


Other Modules:

· ½-day Introduction to Dynamo (Visual Programming)

· ½-day Autodesk Design Collaboration for Revit.

· ½-day Autodesk BIM360 Docs (CDE Document Management)

· ½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Glue (Cloud-based coordination)

· ½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Build (Field Safety, Quality & Issue Management)

· ½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Point Layout (Site Setting Out)

· ½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Plan (Lean Last Planner)

· ½-day Autodesk BIM 360 Building Ops (Maintenance Work Orders)

· ½-day Autodesk Recap (working with Point Clouds)

· ½-day Linking Revit Projects to 3D Max for high quality visualisation.

· ½-day Introduction to 3DS Max, Units Set Up, Navigating the Viewport.

· ½-day Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials

· ½-day An Overview of Autodesk InfraWorks 360

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€125 per 1/2 half day

€35 per copy

€70 per copy

€360 per module

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