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Navisworks Essentials (Online)



Navisworks is a powerful instrument for all the disciplines in the construction industry. The program allows professionals to do create 3D geometry combine with BIM information creating accurate virtual models, enabling models review and clash detection. During this course the attendee will learn how to manage models, construct a timeline and run clash detections, which will identify possible problems streamlining the processes.

Course Overview

The trainees will learn how to append and merge different file types, marking up and review the model, creating clash test and timeline, render and animations. The course is presented by our team of specialist that will show the theory behind the tools, but also practice classroom exercises which will help you to understand and furthermore put in practice the new acquire tools in your model. This course is applicable for the Arcdox Revit expertise program. Contact us for more info

Recommended experience level:

No previous experience required.


10 Days course (10 hours), delivered online using Microsoft Teams.

Material Training:

eBook and Revit files are provided by us.


At the end of the course you will have the skills to start your first Revit project, in addition as Autodesk® Authorized Training Centre (ATC®) you will receive an official certificate from Autodesk at the end of the course after you complete the end of course survey (NB: Survey must be complete with 5 day of the course). This course was designed to meet your learning needs with professional instructors, relevant content, authorized course-ware, and evaluated by Autodesk.

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