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ArcDox are excited to announce our recent partnership with Eagle Point to provide the “Pinnacle Series” Online e-Learning, Training and Learning Management Platform, to help continue to advance your business and career in BIM and other digital skills.

Designed specifically for companies in the AEC space, the powerful Pinnacle platform helps cultivate a culture of continuous learning, capture and share internal knowledge, reduce error rates, and boost productivity.


Pinnacle Series is our full-featured AEC e-learning system. Our content features expert-developed training for dozens of software applications and topics for the AEC space. This high-quality content pairs with robust learning features to offer an all-in-one e-learning solution. Organizations can customize content to fit company standards, upload internal documentation and training videos, control the look and feel of the Pinnacle interface, give assignments and monitor employee progress, create private groups and invite external users, and more. Mid-market and enterprise companies have access to a dedicated customer success manager for personalized onboarding assistance and ongoing support. For more information, please see here.


Designate administrators and subject-matter experts on your Pinnacle platform to collect the best information from your most knowledgeable employees. Upload this content and any other internal documentation or training videos to make Pinnacle a full knowledge repository for staff. You can also edit any of our content to fit your needs and company


Top Feature of Pinnacle Series


Users can like, share, and comment on all content in your Pinnacle Series e-learning system. This information is only shared internally within your organization. Administrators can also create private Work Groups to share specific project information without making it accessible to all internal Pinnacle users. Add external users like subcontractors to these groups as well, so they can participate in projects without accessing the entire e-learning interface.



No matter what engineering software your firm uses, there’s a good chance Pinnacle Series contains comprehensive training resources. Find thousands of courses, videos, documents, and workflows for engineering software like Civil 3D, Revit, Microstation, AutoCAD, BIM 360, and more—all created by industry experts.


The core of our Pinnacle Series e-learning system is its comprehensive expert-developed content catalog, covering a wide range of AEC software and topics. Inside, you’ll find thousands of training videos, documents, learning paths, and other resources, enabling both long-term employee training and on-demand problem-solving.

All our content is created by engineers, architects, and industry experts who use this software and are well-equipped to pass their knowledge on to others.

Looking for training on?


Our Revit software training will help you master this Autodesk product. Our training course offers ten learning paths, consisting of 45 courses, 12 workflows, and 450+ documents and videos ranging from help with basic training, production workflows for all disciplines as well as advanced topics

Our BIM360 training will help you master BIM. Training content includes four learning paths, three workflows, three documents, and 31 videos. The structured courses guide you through a self-paced training curriculum. Each course can be taken individually or in sequence as presented.

Our Global BIM Standards training will help you master ISO 19650 BIM Management. Content is developed by industry leading experts. Our training offers a learning path consisting of 11 courses, 35 documents and 55 videos to help you achieve your learning objectives.


Our Navisworks training will help you master the product. Training content includes two learning paths, consisting of four courses, a workflow, and 40 documents and videos. Content is designed for BIM Managers, Engineers, Designers and Technicians who want to improve their software skills in Navisworks.

We have over 30+ additional  software packages covered. Our content libraries include thousands of learning paths, workflows, videos, and documents covering AEC industry software, see here for more information on the content libraries available.

Solving the Top Challenges in Digital Transformation


There are 2 options available: 

1.    Pinnacle Lite – Suitable for individual users that only want to access training content. (see brochure)

2.    Pinnacle Series – Suitable for businesses who want a robust training and learning management platform tailored to their specific business needs. (see brochure)

Training Packages Available: 
The “base package” of both Pinnacle Lite & Pinnacle Series comes standard with access to all the Autodesk content, Bluebeam, Enscape, Lumion, Ideate, and V-Ray. Additional content is available for purchase, including Ascent, Bentley, Sketchup, McNeel, Adobe, Microsoft, Health & Safety, Business & Management Skills.  (see full catalogue of content)


Pinnacle Lite offers a scaled-down version of our core AEC e-learning system, Pinnacle Series. It is an affordable solution with less setup and customization for small or mid-sized companies who still require expert developed training on the core software their team uses every day. We are an authorized publisher of training materials for Autodesk products. Pinnacle Lite supports up to 25 users.  It also includes access to valuable content created by industry professionals for AEC and manufacturing software. For more information on Pinnacle Lite, please see here.

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Pinnacle Lite vs Pinnacle Series (see more detailed breakdown here)

To contact us about Pinnacle Series or Pinnacle Lite, please fill the below form or call +353 1 4371200 

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