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Work Your Way to Inspiration

I’ve written about inspiration before on the blog: how to make the most of it, where to find it. But I haven’t written about how you can actually work your way there.

In my slow return to writing, I wasn’t sure how long my sluggish word forming would last. It felt like it would last forever, this feeling of pulling words out of my brain like a worm. But then a something happened… a switch went off in my brain and I found myself facing the blank page with renewed vigor. I was able to write again, and it no longer felt like pulling out a worm.

So what did I do to flip the switch? That’s what this post is all about.

Put Yourself in the Way of Inspiration

This post details this a bit, with a long list of places to find inspiration. What I did this time though, was to think about the story I was working on, the characters I was writing, and the research paper writing help time period I was working in. The story is of two soldiers who fall in love during World War II so I listened to period music, spent some time mulling over the characters and their personalities, watched a few period movies.

I purposefully put myself in their world, hoping to better understand their story, their lives, and their fears and joys. I drew myself out of my own understanding to better know my characters’ understanding. Essentially I was putting myself out in the universe saying “Ok inspiration gods, I’m here and I’m ready.”

The more I put myself in the way of pieces of potential inspiration, the more the switch came closer and closer to being flipped.

Let Consistency Guide You

Every day, I would open up the document containing my story. Even if I didn’t feel like writing, even if I didn’t write anything at all, I would open it up, read through my outline, read through a few scenes. Just to keep it front of mind. I showed up for the story every day.

This was hard. It was disheartening to go for days without writing pay someone to write my paper anything new, to show only that I’d changed a few dialogue tags or a description here or there. Showing up became a game of Russian Roulette: would I let myself think I’d failed, or could I patiently stay consistent and trust that new ideas would come?

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