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Instructions for the Preparation of a Master's Thesis

Graduates of the master's program will have to complete not just an attestation project. To obtain the appropriate qualification, they need to prepare and conduct a serious and in-depth study, having issued it in the form of a master's thesis, which is subject to more stringent requirements (compared to a bachelor's thesis and a simple thesis). Today will tell and show the basic rules for preparing master's theses- in action.

The main components of the master's thesis:

  • The project will include the following main sections: title page, table of contents, introduction, main part (all chapters and subparagraphs), conclusion, bibliography, appendices;

  • The master's thesis should be based on scientific literature and official data on the object. Moreover, the author will also have to use the techniques of self-citation and self-plagiarism without fail, which gives rise to the mandatory preliminary preparation of scientific articles and publications on the subject of the attestation work. The average number of sources of information is at least 40.

Moreover, each section is subject to numbering: chapters - through accounting, and subparagraphs - taking into account the location in the section: the first digit is the chapter, the second is the subparagraph itself, for example, 1.1 (the first chapter is the first subparagraph), 2.1);

  • Each chapter starts on a new page (insert-page break command);

  • All pages (except for the title page and the table of contents) are subject to obligatory numbering in Arabic numerals - at the bottom of the A4 sheet on the right;

  • Page parameters are standard: top and bottom - 2cm each, left - 3cm, right - 1cm;

  • Indents and paragraphs, "red lines" must be done in increments of 1.25 cm. from the given fields;

  • The presence in the study of references and footnotes to primary sources, quotations and other aspects is mandatory;

  • At the end of each thought (paragraph, section) there should be a reasoned conclusion of the author. Moreover, the use of personal pronouns (in the first person) is strictly prohibited. It is important to describe the study in an "impersonal" form;

  • The uniqueness of the research text is from 70%, but each university has the right to set its own boundaries, so check the parameters in the guidelines.

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