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Aristotle is credited for writing many books on ethics, philosophy, politics, science, and history. He played a central role in the development of Western philosophy and science. He also established his own school of philosophy , the Peripatetic school , which became the dominant school during antiquity and beyond. Biography Early life and education Aristotle was born in Stagira, Chalcidice, Macedonia, then a part of the Greek world. He had at least one sister, Amyclae. When his mother died in the eighth month of his birth, Aristotle was cared for by his paternal grandfather Aristomenes, who brought him up. When he was eight, he was joined by his older brother, Aristotle the Elder. The latecomer was a full-time scholar who took the place of their grandfather. As a child Aristotle was believed to have been orphaned at an early age, but Aristotle the Elder had a wife called Pherecydes. Aristotle lived with his elder brother until the death of the latter in 377 BC. Aristotle's brother died in what is now the village of Mavromata, in Thessaly, Greece. As a boy, Aristotle read the works of the poet Pherecydes of Syros and the historian Androtion. Aristotle never met the philosophers and scientists of his time, but instead made friends with teachers and public speakers, such as his friend and future student Theophrastus. At the age of 13 he enrolled at Plato's school, the Academy. In about 383 BC Aristotle's mother died, which may have been one reason he left the school, although he did not stay away long. A few years later he returned and later said that the reason for this was his love of Plato's dialectic method. He was befriended by the politician and philosopher Antisthenes, who saw in Aristotle a student who could take Plato's place and restore the school. The two men began to pursue the study of nature, but Aristotle later told Plato that the reason for this had been the urgent needs of Antisthenes, who was dying of epilepsy. In 384 BC, after a few days of intense study, Aristotle went to the Academy. A few months later Plato, at age 40, died. Aristotle never met his mentor, and his early teaching was not marked by the mystical philosophy of Plato's youth. The next ten years of Aristotle's life are not well known. It was during




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Sukrat History In Urdu Pdf Download Latest

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