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Revit BIM Collaboration (1 Day) @ €270.00pp


This 1 Day Revit BIM Collaboration 'workshop style' training course is a cross between Revit Essentials and Revit Advance training covering the following Module Titles. Please note that for training on Naviswork one can attend our 3 Day BIM Tools Introduction to Autodesk course


This course covers:

- Establish a Project, Shared Coordinates    Use White Frog Office Building, and OS Map

- Establish a Project, Copy and Monitoring    Bring three Revit Models together.

- Sheet Compilation and Publication    With reference to BS 1192 & Pas1192-2

- Basic Subdivision & Collaboration    Create A360 Account & Create Worksets

- The CDE, Inc. A360 Collaborate, BIM 360 Docs, Glue & Field.    

- Set up an online project and upload a Revit model.
- Project Review

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