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BIM Training:


BIM is a sophisticated process, which can only operate successfully when people with the right skills and training are involved in projects. If, as an individual, or as a company, you lack the skill or training required, you risk getting left behind or excluded from potential projects! It’s important to begin your BIM journey as soon as possible.​

We are Unique:


ArcDox are unique in Ireland as the only working practise that is also an AutoDesk Authorised Training Centre. Our AutoDesk Certified Trainers, are also professionally qualified users, working with BIM on a daily basis. ArcDox provides International Industry recognised testing and certification of BIM capability. ArcDox don’t just see BIM training as learning about software, but in knowing how to apply the tools to the building design and management process in the most effective way.

​Piece of Mind:


Having Certification to demonstrate your skills is vital, whether as an individual securing a job, or as a company tendering for a BIM contract. Certification helps companies benchmark staff development and recruit qualified people.

Tailored to your needs:


We understand that everyone has different training needs, and we can provide a range of training options, whether at our dedicated training facilities in Dublin, or On-Site training at your company or for your project teams. We are also developing a range of Online, and Blended Training courses which are underpinned by ArcDox’s expertise and support services.

For professional training delivered by certified professional with production experience contact ArcDox today.​

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