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At ArcDox, our express purpose is to deliver high quality professionally managed services, to enable and support the implementation of BIM for your project, whether for planning, design, construction and building operations. We have already delivered the benefits of our expertise in BIM on over 50 projects, providing professional advice and skilled BIM production resources, having trained and supported over 500 people. And you too, can leverage this experience for your project.​​

Main Services:


Our consultancy services include providing BIM Implementation Advice, drafting protocols, Information requirements, Execution plans or project specifications helping to manage the information process.​​

Tai​lored to your Role:


Whatever your roles or responsibilities are to the building project (building owner, construction client or development agency, an architect, engineer or specialist designer, a project manager or quantity surveyor, a contractor, sub-contractor or specialist fabricator, a building product manufacturer, or facilities manager you will have different requirements for BIM.​​

What ArcDox will bring:


ArcDox bring the right combination of advice, production resources, support and training, to help support and manage the use of BIM in the best possible way. We work closely with all project stakeholder, to help understand specific needs, and see how processes and information flows can be streamlined to optimize the use of BIM for the project’s success.​ We bring our expertise in BIM, to complement your own, no matter what your role, allowing you more time to focus on your core strengths, whether that’s in planning, design, project or construction management.​​​

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